This is a sample of some of Dr. Rose’s publications. He specializes in developing, and evaluating novel treatments and trainings for anxiety, stress, and promoting resilience.   Rose, R.D. (2014). Self-guided multimedia stress management and resilience training. The Journal of Positive Psychology (Read on Taylor & Francis Online
Rose, R.D., Buckey, J.C., Zbozinek, T.D. Motivala, S.J., Glenn, D.E., Cartreine, J.A., & Craske, M.G. (2013). A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Self-Guided Multimedia Stress Management and Resilience Training Program. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 51(2). 106-112. (Buy on Science Direct)   Roy-Byrne, P.P., Craske, M.G., Sullivan, G., Rose, R.D., Edlund, M.J., Lang, A., Bystritsky, A., Welch, S., Chavira, D.A., Golinelli, D., Campbell-Sills, L., Sherbourne, C.D., & Stein, M.B. (2010). Delivery of Evidence-Based Treatment for Multiple Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care: A Randomized Effectiveness Trial. Journal of the American Medical Association (Read on JAMA)
Arch JJ, Eifert GH, Davies C, Plumb JC, Rose RD, Craske MG. (2012). Randomized clinical trial of cognitive behavioral therapy versus acceptance and commitment therapy for the treatment of mixed anxiety disorders. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 80, 750-765. (Buy on APA PsychNet)   Craske, M.G., Rose, R.D., Lang, A., Welch, S.S., Campbell-Sills, L., Sullivan, G., Sherbourne, C. Bystritsky, A., Stein, M.B., Roy-Byrne, P.P. (2009). Computer-assisted delivery of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders in primary care settings. Depression and Anxiety, 26, 235 – 242.
(Read on the Wiley Online Library)
Rose, R.D., Lang, A.J., Welch, S.S., Campbell-Sills, L., Chavira, D., Sullivan, G., Sherbourne, C., Bystritsky, A., Stein, M.B., Roy-Byrne, P.P., Craske, M.G. (2011). Training Primary Care Staff to Deliver a Computer-Assisted Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program for Anxiety Disorders. General Hospital Psychiatry, 33, 336-342. (Buy on Science Direct)   Craske, M.G., Farchione, T., Allen, L., Barrios, V., Stoyanova, M., & Rose, R.D. (2007). Cognitive behavioral therapy for panic disorder and comorbidity: More of the same or less of more. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 45, 1095-1109. Cbt vs. act? (Buy on Science Direct)
    This video highlights some of Dr. Rose's research.